Leovet Thermo-Massage Review

Ease of Use

One of my go-to products for Spice over the last several years was the Leovet Thermo-Massage Gel.  As an older horse in full work with a long back, I tried to take good care of his topline.  Every ride (especially before hard work, lessons, or winter rides) I would massage this gel into his lumbar area before work.  It really seemed to help loosen him up a bit before rides.

It’s not sticky, smells nice, is easy to apply and a little goes a long way (spreads easily on hair and doesn’t clump or stick).  It gives a nice warming sensation, but not a long term burning, so it’s safe to use under tack.  It’s a mild warm up and perfect before rides (and to add a little pony pampering to your routine).

I absolutely love this product, and though it’s not an exciting one with lots of bells and whistles and before and after photos, I wanted to share it with you as a product worth using!