full blown pony leather cleaner

Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap

Convenience/Ease of Use

Our little Equestrian on the review team has been using Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap to keep her tack looking “Fab” as she calls it!

full blown pony leather cleaner
Ellie is a true horse girl, full of grit but LOVES her bling, and loves all things girl. The adorable labeling and kid friendly scents attracted her right away to the product. She opened the first container of saddle soap and took a deep breath. “Whoa Mama, this smells AMAZING.”
As a Mother, I was really impressed with the fact that Full Blown Pony is an all natural glycerin based product so I knew it was safe for her to use. (Kids are good at getting impossible things in their mouth, eyes, ears, I could go on forever..) Ellie and I both agreed it was easy on our hands and skin as we were cleaning tack. Some of the leather cleaning sprays and wipes leave hands sticky, gritty or icky (per Ellie).
full blown pony leather cleaner
The container (8 ounces) is the perfect size for little hands, but not too small for adults to handle comfortably. We BOTH enjoyed using it! We used sponges to apply the product and it left our tack soft, supple, and no residue.