What I Use – Schooling – Rachel

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I thought it might be fun, since we’re constantly reviewing products, for the Decidedly Equestrian team to start sharing with you what we actually use day to day.  Some reviewed stuff is going to show up here…surprise surprise…and some isn’t!  Aren’t you a bit curious what ends up in our regular rotation?

Schooling Shirts:  All Sunshirts – Noble Equestrian, EIS, Kastel, Dover Icefill, Tailored Sportsman, RJ Classics, It’s A Haggerties.
Schooling Breeches: right now (post pregnancy) – Montar, Romfh Isabella/Champions, and SmartPak Hadley.  While pregnant Irideon Leggings, Romfh Isabella/Champions, Dublin Leggings.  Pre-pregnancy: Goode Rider tights, Stickseat Tights, Romfh Champions, Horze Celine.
Schooling Belts: C4…and nothing but C4
Schooling Boots:  Mountain Horse (discontinued style)
Schooling Vests:  Irideon, Goode Rider, Calvin Kline
Schooling Jackets:  Asmar Equestrian, Horseware, logo barn jacket (some random off brand)

Schooling Bras: pre-pregnancy – cheap ones from Walmart/Target.  Post pregnancy these badass nursing sports bra’s from Australia – Maze Activeware.
Schooling Socks:  Cute ones of various brands. Stance. Smartwool.
Schooling Gloves: Roeckl, Noble
Schooling Helmet:  Ovation Schooler
Whip:  FLECK Impuls Whip
Spurs:  Off Brand Rainbow Roller Balls from Ebay
Spur Straps:  Enter At A purple spur straps!

Saddle:  Custom Saddlery Wolfgang Solo Buffalo
Double Bridle:  Passier
Snaffle Bridle:  Lund Saddlery
Bits:  15 year old bits of unknown brand (Spice’s long term bits)
Browband:  Equus Couture on Double.  Lund on snaffle.

Girth: Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth – StretchTec
Stirrups: Standard fillis stirrups from Sprenger
Stirrup Leathers:  Total Saddle Fit Stability Leathers
Brushing Boots/Dressage Boots:  Dover
Half Pads:  Mattes Custom Sheepskin, Thin Line Plus
Saddle Pads:  Le Mieux, Dover, Eskadron, WW Hippique, Horseware.