Elemental Equine Sole Salvation Review
9.3Overall Score
Ease of Use7

As mentioned in our last Elemental Equine foot product review, Spice is a Thoroughbred…so Spice doesn’t have the best feet.  They’re not TERRIBLE…and they don’t keep him out of work often, but I do work to keep his feet healthy and keep him happy.  Thanks to Elemental Equine for sending me a bottle of the Elemental Equine Sole Salvation to see if it helped him!

Spice tends to get sore after every trim on his front feet, so I started using this several days before I knew he was getting shod and would use it for the entire first week or so after.  I would pain the sole and also up the hoof above the shoe to just above the nail holes (and coated the nail holes as well).  While using this, he showed marked improvement in his foot soreness with each farrier visit.  We didn’t miss any rides because he was feeling tender.  Quite impressive if you ask me!  When used in conjunction with the Elemental Equine Hoof Armour, Spice’s feet held up extremely well over the wet winter.

A little goes a long way with this product and you don’t need a lot for each application, so the bottle is going to last a long time.  The price point may seem high, but you won’t need to buy this very often unless your using it on a whole barn of horses.

I did find the application method a little tricky for me with the separate brush.  Being pregnant at the time, I was very careful with what products I used and tried not to get anything on my hands, but found I regularly made a mess with this brush.  I also wish there was some way to attach the brush to the bottle, since I had a tendency of misplacing the brush.

All in all this is an excellent product to address foot soreness and bruising and I would highly recommend it.