Elemental Equine Hoof Armour Review
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Spice is a Thoroughbred…so Spice has crappy feet.  It’s not a big deal, but I do use a lot of products to keep his feet healthy.  His habit of standing in every bit of water and mud he can find certainly doesn’t help (especially during the winter).  I was excited to be given a jar of the Elemental Equine Hoof Armour to try out over the winter, and Northern California obliged my trial with one of the wettest winters in a LONG time.  I mean…February…it just didn’t stop raining.   Spicey was thrilled since he loves playing in the water and mud…the humans…not so much.  Here’s what we were dealing with at the barn on a regular basis…fun eh?

Will it ever stop raining?

Well as you can see, this product came along for trial just at the right time.  It is made to condition and retain hoof moisture while creating an barrier against the elements.   You paint some on…let it dry…and then the water rolls right on off.  The feet soaking he was getting on a daily basis didn’t get into his feet because of this stuff.  I cannot begin to say how well it worked.  I mean really…it was excellent.  Spice didn’t get any wiff of thrush.  He didn’t get any chips.  He didn’t get an overly soft frog or sole.  His feet were in as good condition after the rainy season as they were before it hit.  Pretty darned amazing.  His farrier was pleased!

Elemental Equine Hoof Armour Review

Applying Elemental Equine Hoof Armour to Spice’s sole and frog.

It can be used on the hoof wall, frog and sole and I used it daily during the rainiest bits, and a few times a week when the weather calmed down.  I used maybe a half a jar in 2 months.   It doesn’t smell great (but I don’t expect hoof products to smell good), and it can stain and is a bit sticky if you get it on your hands/clothes.  It isn’t cheap, but it is absolutely worth the cost IMO and a little bit goes a long way.  If you’re not fighting daily flooding, it will last even longer.   With the cost savings not having to buy hoof pack and thrush treatments…it makes it even more worth it.

Even better, like most of Elemental Equine products…the ingredients are all Show Safe…so no worries about testing for something!  To purchase or learn more, you can visit the product page for Elemental Equine Hoof Armour.

Elemental Equine Hoof Armour Review

Rainy season finally over…and Spice’s feet aren’t a complete disaster like they usually are in early Spring thanks to Hoof Armour!