Hurtta North America Go Finland! Trainers Vest Review
9.5Overall Score

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Pockets. As equestrians we can never seem to have enough “storage space” on our body to accommodate all of our needs. Add in working with our Canine co-workers and it can make for an absolute mess when it comes to bringing all the equipment you may need you do a given task. The Hurtta Go Finland! Trainers Vest was a HUGE help not only while training our youngest canine partner on our ranch, but also while riding and working horses at the same time.

Hurtta North America Trainers Vest Review

When I first started using the vest the “normal” front pockets were roomy, waterproof, and the zippered section on the right side was nice to keep valuables such as keys or a phone. I was a little confused about the large back pocket. (It reminded me of a “hoodie” pocket but on the small of your back.) After a few sessions using the vest, I found myself storing extra leashes, training toys, and lead ropes in the back of the vest. It was AMAZING to have an extra storage pocket for items I would normally drape around my neck or throw over my shoulder. (Not only is this not safe, but I cannot tell you how many times things fell into the mud or were lost in the pasture.)

Hurtta North America Trainers Vest Review

The product is made from waterproof and breathable Softshell fabric. It fits VERY true to size, and protects from the elements. I wore this vest over a hoodie in 20 degrees or over a light long sleeved shirt in 70 degrees and I was 100% comfortable. It is easily cleaned, NO moisture absorbed into the material, and treat/food/mud residue is easily wiped out of the pockets. The vest has a close-fitting waist and high collar, both of which are adjustable. It has a “ladies” fit which was a nice change from the normal boxy vest designs that I am used to. (I felt like a lady and not a potato.) There are also rings and clips around the vest for attaching accessories and keys for easy access.

Hurtta North America Trainers Vest Review

I loved this vest for working, training, and riding. While on trail rides I had plenty of “on my person” storage in case of an emergency, and the visibility feature was comforting that I could be seen if needed in the dark. It is a versatile piece of equipment for canine and equine enthusiasts in any climate!

You can purchase the Hurtta Go Finland! Trainers Vest here or on Amazon here.