Knot Just Rope Hybrid Bitless Bridle Review
9.8Overall Score

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As a decidedly English rider, rope tack isn’t something I grew up using and isn’t something you see as often in the English world. Leather and nylon halters (as well as bridles) “rein supreme.”

Knot Just Rope Hybrid Bitless Bridle Review

Not one to always follow the masses I have always loved rope halters, and you could often find me bareback riding around in a rope halter with reins clipped to the base or through the knots. Now, we all know that this isn’t necessarily the most effective, as halters are not typically made for control while riding (which I have a strong opinion on as well, but that’s a story for another time).

Enter, Knot Just Rope’s Hybrid Bitless Bridle. Doubling as a halter (because who DOESN’T love multi-purpose tack – saves you money AND time), this handcrafted bridle offers multiple features and options. You can choose everything from size, color, number of knots, noseband wrapping, browband (western or English style), optional cheek accents, and lead loop or o-ring.

Knot Just Rope Hybrid Bitless Bridle Review

Sandy, the owner and craftswoman of the tack at Knot Just Rope, helped me choose the best options for both the needs of my horses, as well as the style. Being an English gal, my style tends to lean towards more reserved styles and lines. But I like color. My mares are fairly sensitive so don’t need a ton of stiffness from rope. Sandy helped guide me through choosing the right rope stiffness, knots and wrapping style to make the perfect custom bridle/halter for us.

Not only is the multipurpose use of this piece of tack a big plus in my book, but it is extremely well made.

It fits both my mares’ heads, and they are very responsive to it on the ground and under saddle. It’s my new favorite piece of tack.  It will see lots of use for a long while as it can be used as a halter (super convenient for lunging as well) and a bridle, and because of how it is made, fits a variety of horses with ease in adjustment!

*There were a couple colors I would have liked to have been able to use in particular places BUT it really doesn’t effect the excellent rating of this product.

Knot Just Rope Hybrid Bitless Bridle Review