Mare Modern Goods Review

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Every equestrian and horse lover out there often turns to accessories to showcase their love for the majestic animal and sport. And there are about 920782039 options out there. They are NOT all created equal however. Personally I prefer understated, simple lines and a business and owner that is truly involved and has a deep connection with horses or the sport.  That level of involvement in the industry comes through in the creation of their pieces, versus those companies that produce “equestrian accessories” by simply slapping a horseshoe or stirrup on something and calling it a day.

That is why I am VERY excited to introduce you to Mare Modern Goods.

MARE is a celebration of the horse in our modern lives and a destination for well designed, thoughtfully curated, witty, bold and modern products that reflect our love of, commitment to and respect for horses.  Whether you are a rider or simply a lover of horses, MARE products are a way to show the world your love and respect for these incredible animals. We celebrate the many ways these animals can transform our human lives by sharing powerful stories of the human-horse connection and we live this value by giving back to our community through our support of philanthropic organizations that help abused and neglected horses.” From the Mare Modern Goods website.

The modern and artistic styling and imagery of the apparel stands out among other brands, and clean lines and elegant design makes the accessories line one that I am happy to sport anywhere. 
Mare Modern Goods Review

I always have a hard time donning the horseshoe accessories you so often see out there, but Mare Modern Goods found a way to create these stud earrings and necklace in a dainty, unique way that makes them one of my favorite jewelry pieces outside of my malas… and I have several equestrian themed jewelry pieces from my years of equestrian blogging (some of them that retail over $400)!  However, I reach for my Mare Modern Goods pieces time and time again.

While I love the horse shoe set, I am enamored with the Gold Foxy Studs. While not everyone out there understands the equestrian ties these creatures have, they invoke a playful and creative feeling when paired with virtually any outfit, from jeans and a tee to that LBD hanging in the closet.

I also have very sensitive ears, so cannot wear many earrings without some sort of irritation. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and don’t bother my ears with normal wear, either. Always a win in my book!