Knotty Horse Detangler Review

Why your Horse’s Knotty Tail needs Knotty Horse Detangler

Ease of Use

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How many detanglers have I reviewed now?  This is my 7th detangler product to review…so I’m a bit of a professional when it comes to giving my opinion on this stuff.   I am thrilled to now get the chance to sample and review the detangler from Knotty Horse!  Nicole send me a generous full sized bottle to try and I’ve been using it on Spice for the last several months.

The first thing you need to know is…this stuff smells SO FREAKING GOOD.  I mean…I want to eat it and rub it all over myself (and Spice) at the same time.  So good (the smell wafts down the barn aisle and I get calls of “what’s that smell?!?” and “What product is that?  It smells wonderful!”  With a scent like this, your sure to turn heads simply based on yumminess alone.

But how does it work?  Well I love the texture compared to so many other detanglers.  It is a gel, not a spray, but it’s not overly thick like so many.  The texture is actually pretty runny, but I have had no issue getting it applied to Spice’s tail evenly because the texture is perfect for application.  The detangling action is instant and you can brush right away.  It’s not sticky or overly greasy feeling, so you don’t feel the need to run and wash your hands immediately after application.  The bottle is a little tricky and mine ended up leaking so I have to store it upside down, so that’s not quite perfect.

Knotty Horse Detangler Review

It does a marvelous job detangling and softening Spice’s tail.  As you can see in the before and after…it got shiny and much softer looking after use…not clumpy, weighed down or greasy.  Spice has thin, fluffy human like hair (not course thick normal horse hair) so products like this can REALLY go wrong and make his tail look horrible…but no trouble here!   It really softens up his hair (especially using it regularly) and doesn’t weigh it down.  After using my fingers (and brush) slide through his tail so easily!  It doesn’t cause the dreaded “dirt magnet attraction” thing to happen, so there doesn’t get a bad build up in his tail like with some other detanglers.  Yay!  It also keeps his tail detangled for several days without need for reapplication.  I reapply about once a week.

Knotty Horse Detangler Review

This detangler has also worked wonders on Spice’s forelock.  After losing much of it to breakage this last summer, it was in a pretty sad state.  After applying Knotty Horse Detangler on it several times a week for several months, it’s thickening up again and getting longer!  Awesome!

Knotty Horse Detangler Review Forelock

Because so little is needed to do the job and it does an excellent job, I think it’s a good value.  It gets a little ding just because it’s more expensive per ounce over my go-to detangler (which is also expensive), but I really think it’s worth the price and a tube lasts for a VERY long time!.

You can purchase Knotty Horse Detangler here  If you want to try before committing, they do sell a 1.5 oz travel size as well!