The Simple Equine Bucked Off Bath Salts Review

Sooth your Sore Body with The Simple Equine Bucked Off Bath Salts

Quality Ingredients
Relaxing and soothing

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Over the last year I’ve done a series of reviews on the natural (and awesome) products from The Simple Equine.  The next product being reviewed is the The Simple Equine Bucked Off Bath Salts.  The lovely lavender scent is relaxing and soothing to body and mind and I really enjoyed having a long soak after a full day of riding.  This product really takes the ache out and helps you mellow out.

The Simple Equine Bucked Off Bath Salts Review

The ingredient list is a who’s who of relaxation and body soothing components.  The coconut oil leaves a moisturizing layer on your skin after the bath.  The Epsom salt soothes aches and pains.   The dead sea salt (made up of a ton of different minerals) does a large number of spectacular things like help skin disorders, calm nerves, relax muscles, purify the body, helps arthritis and other pain, and might even help your cellulite (never seen a difference myself, but I don’t use it every day either).  Bucked Off Bath Salts is full of the good stuff.

This product is a bit on the pricey side per use (unlike the rest of the line from The Simple Equine which is full of value).  One jar is 1-2 uses, so for $12 it’s a pretty expensive bath (about on par with a Lush bath bomb) so it gets a bit of a knock there. 

Other than that, it’s a fantastic product and great for anyone needing a little R & R for mind and body.  I really loved using the Bucked Off Bath Salts.  You can buy The Simple Equine Bucked Off Bath Salts here!