8 Must-Have Show Coats

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Asmar London Show Coat  – This coat is totally now with gorgeous color options and white piping.  You will certainly stand out no matter if you go with the more traditional black or navy or go full on style maven in olive green!  Washable, with stretch fabric and machine washable…what more can you ask for?





Cavalliera Miss Purity Jacket – This coat looks pretty average from the front, but from the back…oh man.  It’s something else entirely.  These gorgeous back pleats will flatter your figure and give you a big style boost in the jumper or dressage rings!






Sarm Hippique Azalea Show Coat – On top of the gorgeous color options and customization available from Sarm Hippique, their fabric is where they cannot be beat.  Their fabric is a 4 way stretch (not just two-way) microfiber that’s easy to wash, resists stains, wrinkles, is water-resistant and highly breathable.  So while you’ll be looking as sharp and polished as even your top competition, you’ll be feeling like you can hit the gym in what you’re wearing.  It’s a great combo.  Style + sport!






Asmar Grand Prix Vest – You know those coats waived days?  Well this vest is going to keep you looking professional while everyone else looks less dedicated!  With shiny buttons and white piping, it is sure to stand out in the ring (or at a clinic) and elevate your style.







Cavalliera Double Front Panel Jacket – Can we just take a minute to stare at this beauty?  How flattering is this jacket?!  And in that gorgeous color too…don’t worry Dressage Queens, they make this in a more conservative black too.  Can’t you just see yourself wearing this to a show and then wearing it out over a cute trim jean and top for dinner?






Sarm Hippique Verbania Show Coat – As mentioned above, Sarm Hippique does a ridiculously good job of making show clothes that are actually proper athletic wear!  This grey one is a little more appropriate for dancing down center line than the Azalea, but with all the custom colors available…you can get their jackets to work no matter if you’re doing Dressage, Jumpers, Eventing, or the Hunters.





Custom Jackets and Shadbellies from Flying Changes – So you really like Charlotte Dujardin and want to look just like her?  Well she gets her show coats from Flying Changes!  You can do pretty much whatever color combo you can imagine, with various piping, trims, buttons, collars, etc.  I mean seriously…such a cool customization system.  These coats are gorgeous (and you can get them done in traditional wool or a more modern fabric).







Equine Couture Italia Competition Coat – Looking for some style on a budget?  I’ve not seen a budget brand jacket this pretty probably ever.  White piping and sporty lines…it looks MUCH more expensive than it is. LOVE this jacket!