One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review


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A few months ago I reviewed the One K Defender Suede.  I bought this helmet to show in (because it was attractive) and rode in it a few shows, but the fit just wasn’t 100% right (and I had to wear my hair up and when I got a hair cut, the helmet just didn’t fit anymore).  When I was offered a One K Defender Air Suede to try and review, I jumped at the opportunity.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

What makes the One K Defender Suede Helmet so much different?  Well it offers a perfect fit in a way the regular Defender could not.

It has all the same fabulous features as the regular Defender.  It has the super comfy padded (and secure) harness (which I raved about in the other review), the lovely traditional yet slightly modern styling (why I bought one in the first place), and the multitude of air vents to keep you cool.  The interior liner is quick drying and moisture wicking and has anti-microbal properties (so a less stinky helmet bag!).  The exterior is easy to wipe clean and the stainless steel mesh isn’t going to turn rusty.  As expected from a modern helmet, it meets ASTM standards using current technology.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

The difference is in the fit.  This helmet offers an air pump system with 3 hidden pockets in the liner that inflate when you push on the hidden air pump in the back of the helmet.  It is incredibly easy to use and very adjustable.  Want to put your hair up that day?  Let out some air.  Want your hair in a bun?  Pump it up for a snugger fit.  It’s a bit like the old tennis shoes many of us remember from the 90’s.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

As I mentioned in the other post, I’m a bit hard to fit.  I got the long oval in the original Defender, but it really only worked if my hair was up.  The standard more round version of the Defender didn’t fit well at all and pinched.  I needed something more customizable for my weird shaped head!  The One K Defender Air Suede has really overperformed.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

The only issue with this particular model is the liner isn’t as easy to remove for cleaning and they don’t seem to sell replacement liners, which is a bit of a bummer.

As with the other One K I tried, I wish they offered a dressage harness with a bit more room behind for a bun.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review

I really love my One K Defender Air Suede and will be continuing to show in it as long as it stays in show condition!  It’s a really beautiful helmet with a great bit of technology to adjust the fit to be perfect for YOU!  I recommend this product for anyone with issues helmet fitting or anyone that just wants a comfortable and attractive helmet for riding!  You can buy the One K Defender Air Suede online here.One K Defender Air Suede Riding Helmet Review