SSG Soft Touch Winter Glove Review

Performance in Cold Weather
Performance in Wet Weather

First I need to mention that I do live in the San Francisco Bay area…so my review of the SSG Soft Touch Winter Glove comes from a less extreme environment.  The coldest weather I’ve ever ridden in here was probably 36 degrees, and that’s rare.  So if you live somewhere that it actually gets cold, don’t take my word for it.

SSG Soft Touch Winter Glove review

I do like these gloves.  I like the material on the outside (very grippy) and the soft inner lining.  I find that these don’t keep my hands super warm when it’s down in the 30’s, but then again my hands are always cold unless it’s over 75 degrees. Even when riding in 60 degree weather, these gloves are fine.  They don’t make my hands sweat and I find them quite comfortable.   The lining does a good job pulling away moisture.

I love how thin these gloves are.  They are not bulky in the fingers, so I still have the same feel with these gloves as I do my summer ones.

Durability-wise, I’ve had these for a couple of years and I’ve used them every winter at least once a week (if not more).  They’re still in great shape with no holes.

My only issues are:

1.  They don’t work with cell phones (but then again they don’t advertise them as such either).

2.  They aren’t good for wet weather.  When they get wet (not just damp, soaked through), they get slick.  I found myself fighting to keep my leather reins from slipping through my fingers when these gloves were wet, so contact was impossible to maintain.  When it is raining now, I use different gloves.

I recommend these gloves for cooler (but not frigged) weather.  If it’s pouring rain, grab another pair.  I think they’re a great value for their quality.