Irideon Fairfield Vest Review

Irideon Fairfield Vest Review


I received an Irideon Fairfield Vest as a gift for the holidays last year and quickly snatched one up in the other color.  Not only is this vest gorgeous, it is perfectly comfortable too.Irideon Fairfield Vest Review


Both colors are very flattering and work with a number of breech/top color options.  The new logo patch on the back is beautiful and one of my favorite features.  The snaps on the flap seem very sturdy and it has a nice bulky plastic zipper (I always seem to have the best luck with this type lasting the longest).  I also love the super special detail of the bit print lining on the inside of the vest – so subtle and very pretty!  The cut is flattering and works well on and off the horse.  I do think I could have ordered a smaller size than normal and gotten away with it easily because of the ruched sides (which also give a flattering curve fitting fit) but I also don’t have a large chest measurement.  The stitching so far is holding very well with no issues after wearing several times a week for each vest and many washes.  I’ve gotten a number of compliments on both vest colors.Irideon Fairfield Vest Review

This thin vest somehow manages to be quite warm when needed and not too hot when it’s warm.  I’ve worn it in 35 degree temps (with layered jackets on top) up to 70 degree temps with comfort.  Yes, I was riding that day it was 70 degrees, and I didn’t feel overheated at all.  It kept my core at a perfect temperature.  It’s significantly warmer than my puffier vest I previously wore.  Because it is so thin, it doesn’t bulk you up nearly as much when you need to add extra layers on top.Irideon Fairfield Vest Review

The only thing that I’ve noticed that gives me cause for concern is some micro-holes that have allowed a bit of the white insulation to come out of the quilted part and pill.  I’m sure it’s just a “nature of the fabric” issue (but the fabric is so pretty I can forgive this), as both did it after wearing once and before I even washed them (it seems some friction is all it takes).  It’s not obvious, but it is happening.  I hope it doesn’t become a bigger problem in the long run because I LOVE these vests.Irideon Fairfield Vest Review

This was a winter release vest and can be found a few places on sale now.  Buy them while you can!  I’m hoping the come out with more colors next winter.