Romfh St Tropez Full Seat Review

Letter to a Lost Love: Romfh St. Tropez

Every once in a while you find a perfect product.  A perfect pair of jeans.  A perfect bra.  A perfect shade of foundation.  I have a tendency to stock up on things I love, because of past discontinuations.  I have a number of new deodorants sitting in a drawer, and the same with moisturizers, shampoo and other such things.  I have several pair of the same jeans.  I have more than I need of a certain style of underwear.  It’s only when I’m not careful and don’t stock up that it becomes a problem.  If I only buy one of the magical perfect product, it is guaranteed to be discontinued.

That’s what happened to the Romfh St. Tropez Full Seat breech.

Back earlier this year I was going through a rough patch trying to find breeches to fit my evidently abnormal body.  This breech became my favorite.  The fabric was flattering, but not hot.  Stretchy, but didn’t stretch out and sag.  They were cute.  The rise was high enough.  No gapping waistband.  No overly tight thigh area.  They are a sturdy breech and not a riding tight (important for lessons and clinics where I want to look polished).  They were perfect.

Evidently no one else thought so, because they don’t exist anymore.  A message to Romfh confirmed that they were no longer making them and a suggestion to try the Champions…but since breech buying is such an emotionally draining and unsatisfying mess, I find myself hesitant to try them.  What if the fabric is too thin and you can see my cellulite in more graphic detail than it can be see with no pants on?  How is it that some breeches make it look worse?  What if the stretch isn’t comfortable enough.  What if they wear out faster?  What if they sag at the crotch?

I never even wrote review on them.  Maybe I should have and they wouldn’t have been discontinued?  Doubtful, but it’s the “what could I have done to prevent it” stage of grief for me.

I need a new pair or two as I’ve worn through the full-seats on my Tredsteps and my Irideons.  I’m now on the hunt trying to snatch up whatever last pairs of the St. Tropez breeches that I can…and I have failed to find any.

Hopefully the breech gods will throw me a bone and I will discover a nice new brand/style that will work just as well as these…maybe.  Or maybe Romfh will bring them back.

Until then I’ll be thinking longingly of my Romfh St Tropez Full Seats and our brief, but amazing love affair.