Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots

Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots Review


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– Kristin Phillips for Decidedly Equestrian

You know those boots that always seem to be the first choice? The ones that always seem to land on your feet even when you try to pick something else? Well you will all be glad to know I have found mine in the Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots! I was a little skeptical of the mid length, I am usually a tall boots girl but they have been amazing.

Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots

I did some thorough reviewing, wearing one base model tall rubber boot and one MUDS boot on each foot. The MUDS were noticeably cooler, more comfortable, and you didn’t get that “sweaty calf” feeling.. YUCK. The liner is thick mesh material all the way through, and the sole reminds me of a memory foam tennis shoe (there is nothing better than a tennis shoe feel inside a rubber boot!)Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots

The colors are super fun, the pull loops on the front and back are extremely well made and practical! These are easy wear and wash, DEFINITELY waterproof 100% and thick in the toe and body of the boot which is important around the barn!Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots

They fit VERY true to size, I wore them barefoot in the summer and then with normal boot sock in the fall Ohio months we are in now and the fit was comfortable both ways! No matter what region or climate, these are one of the best barn, work, running errand in town boots I have come across so far! Noble Outfitters MUDS were definitely made for walkin’ and everything in between!  You can purchase the Noble Outfitters MUDS Stay Cool Boots online here.