Mainly Long Hair Hydrate 24 Review

Mane-ly Long Hair Hydrate 24 Review

Ease of Use

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I am constantly on the look out for new and better products as there are very few perfect products out there.  When I find one of those perfect products, something that meets every expectation and beyond…it’s the end of the line.  I stop looking.  EquiFuse Rehydrinse was one of those products.  This is our review of another perfect product – Mane-ly Long Hair Hydrate-24.

Hydrate-24 is a leave in conditioning treatment for mane, tail and coat.  It is a concentrate product, so a little goes a long way and the mixing instructions are literally fool proof.  Hydrate-24 = Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner + Water + Mixing Bottle + Spray Bottle.

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This stuff has done wonders for Champ’s tail.  Champ’s hair stays soft, clean, bouncy and tangle free for days at a time.  His tail seriously looks as if he’d just had a bath…at all times.  Even after a roll in the muddy footing in the turn out…with a little Hydrate-24 and a little EquiFuse Gleam, he looks freshly bathed and tangle free (at least his mane and tail do).  There is no residue, no dirt magnetism, and no stickiness.  This stuff is awesome.  Champ has the best looking tail of his life now after 6 months or so of using this combo  People always ask what I use on his tail (I get comments at least once a week).

I also use this periodically on Champ’s body (once every couple weeks or so).  It seems to help really repel dirt and keep him soft.  I really like to use this after a bath too as it, along with the EquiFuse Rehydrinse really helps to stretch the bath out.

Manely Long Hair Hydrate 24 Review   Manely Long Hair Hydrate 24 Review

If you buy the kit it comes with a Hydrate-24 mixing bottle, a 16oz (or 32oz) Conditioner, a Hydrasol refillable spray bottle and several sheets of instructions (plus directions on the bottle).  You can see in the photos how clearly marked the mixing bottle is.  Easy.

I’ve been working on the same bottle of Conditioner for a while now…and I still have more than half left.  This product gives great bang for your buck.   The spray bottle is the greatest spray bottle in the world (similar, but smaller than the new Dreamcoat and Canter bottles) and Champ is much less offended by it than your average spray bottle.

Once you buy the mixing kit, you can just buy the Conditioner and save yourself some $$.

You can buy directly from Mane-ly Long Hair.