EquiFuse Gleam Review

EquiFUSE Gleam Review


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Many months ago I reviewed the EquiFUSE CFS and Rehydrinse and gave both products rave reviews.  I wanted to give  EquiFUSE Gleam some time to do its magic (since I had a full bottle) and see what the results were long term. Here’s our review of  EquiFUSE Gleam!

In the months since the previous review, I have applied EquiFUSE Gleam to Champ’s tail at least once a week (sometimes more than once).  Along with the Gleam, I applied another conditioning product once a week as well (on a different day than the EquiFUSE), however I only started this second product after two months of the Gleam only.  I’ll explain why I did that in a bit.

Equifuse Gleam Review Tail

First off I want to say that Gleam is an exquisite product.  A little truly goes a long way and it does everything that it claims.  It is a different texture than other detangling products, which makes it easier to apply and doesn’t glob on hair.  You can easily comb it through all strands without struggle or over-application.  It has a lovely, unobtrusive smell.  It actually moisturizes (unlike other detanglers on the market) and it gives hair a healthy shine.  It makes tails soft (SUPER soft) and doesn’t attract dirt (in fact it seems to eliminate almost all dirt accumulation…mud does win in that battle though). Its detangling results are nothing if not magical.  One application of this and the hair is tangle free for days.  Brushes slide through like butter (see video).

I highly recommend EquiFUSE Gleam and will be hesitant to even try another detangler ever again.  It isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but it is the best!  Champ’s tail is so much healthier and happier now!

You can purchase EquiFUSE Gleam online here!