Style Stock Custom Stock Ties Review

Style Stock Custom Stock Tie Review


A few weeks ago I shared some gorgeous stock ties with you.  I have been searching for something beautiful and unique for my dressage show wear and I fell in love with one brand of custom stock ties in particular, Style Stock.

It took me several days and a couple of messages to narrow down what exactly I wanted.  Of course, that was two stock ties, not one.  I was hoping for a black and white polka dot one, but she only had a black and ecru silk one up on Etsy.  When asked mentioned she had a beautiful cotton fabric black and white polka dot one.  I thought this was awesome and the customer service was wonderful.

Once these babies arrived I quickly opened the package and tried one on.  The packaging was perfect, and emphasized that these were custom hand made goods.  The craftsmanship and sewing is good.  The fabric colors were beautiful and crisp and the fabric is soft and beautiful.  I thought I might prefer the silk tie from the image on the website, but the cotton polka dot tie was so soft and beautiful I think I prefer that one the most.

I recommend these stock ties to anyone looking for a more styled presentation in the show arena.  If you’re going to spend all the time and effort getting you and your horse ready for showing, you might as well put in a little extra cash to make sure that you stand out.

Style Stock Custom Stock Ties Review