Equus Couture Browband Review
9.5Overall Score

I have been lusting after an Equus Couture brow band for a while now, but never had an excuse to buy one (I was not showing due to losing Titan and starting with Champ that had some training issues to resolve before going anywhere). This year however, I have decided it is time to get out and show him, even if we’re not quite great yet.  You have to start sometime!

I thought that my decision to show deserved a brand new, very fancy brow band.  In fact the brow band cost more than my bridle did.  Funny how that happens.  I also thought this was a perfect chance to review something truly unique.

I happened to like a couple of the brow bands that Tiffany (the owner of Equus Couture and the woman behind the gorgeousness) had in stock already.  I quickly settled on one that wasn’t too much to overwhelm Champ’s fine features, but was still flashy enough to catch the eye.  I ordered it and waited, checking the tracking number every few hours for a few days until it arrived.

The brow band came in a lovely velvet pouch to protect it (nice touch there).  The browband is even more beautiful in person than in photographs.  The decoration is solidly stitched on high quality leather with a high level of workmanship.  The design is beautiful, but not over done.  I am more than happy with the purchase.  It is a special piece.

Each piece that Tiffany creates is a one of a kind work of art.  She uses high quality Amish made leather for each item she produces and finds the most beautiful vintage and new items to attach to her handmade bridles, halters, leads, brow bands, bracelets, belts, stock tie pins and spur straps.  She will customize per your horses measurements and your color choices.

Equus Couture Browband Review

I’m not usually a fan of straight up bling.  I like something with a bit more sophistication.  I am a fan of vintage, and this is what drew us to Equus Couture.  Her work is beautiful, but not in your face.  It is modern and yet it has a wistful, romantic old-world aura.  It’s convenient when you find someone else with your sense of style you can buy beautiful things from!

Champ and I may look a little overdone and polished for some of the schooling shows we plan on hitting up this year, but it’s better to come overdressed than under-dressed.  It’s better to stand out than to blend in.

Decidedly Equestrian highly recommends Equus Couture products for their quality, art and craftsmanship.