Eqyss Marigold Review

Eqyss Marigold Spray Review

Scent and Packaging

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I first found the Eqyss Marigold Spray on a local tack store shelf.  I was intrigued by the flashy black bottle and colorful label.  Then I smelled it and I was sold.  I didn’t even care what it did.  I just wanted Titan to smell like it.

Eqyss Marigold Spray used to be marketed as a fly spray, and many still use it that way.  It is non insecticidal…so it cannot really be called a fly spray, but it does help ward away flies for a short period of time.  They don’t like the smell of marigolds evidently!

This product has some lofty claims, even without the bug deterrent.   It was created to bind moisture to the coat over a 24 hour period.  It does not include silicone.  It is supposed to add shine and moisturize coats, enhance color, minimize dry skin conditions, repel dust, detangle, is non-slip, non toxic and environmentally friendly.  It also will not burn eyes or ears and will not stain.

I cannot speak to the environmentally friendly aspect of this product, or if it’s toxic or not.  I’ll just believe them!  I do know that it doesn’t burn eyes (I have gotten this in our eyes…) and it does not stain fabric or horse hair.

I am happy to report that over a couple of years of use on several horses I can confirm its many claims.  It is non slip…certainly.  I’ve never had any issue with slippage using this product.  It also does repel dirt and dust nicely and using it as part of my daily grooming routine helps keep the horses much cleaner than the horses I don’t use it on.  As mentioned before, it smells amazing and the smell sticks around for a while and everyone compliments how delicious the horses smell.  Titan was lucky enough to have this product in his grooming box for several years and was always the shiniest horse in the barn.

This also helps to improve coat significantly.  It adds a lot of moisture and shine and really helps the horse look its healthiest and shiniest.  It has helped Champ get a brighter, healthier coat and happier skin (he has very dry and sensitive skin and before this product was often very itchy, dull coated, and always dirty).  I get huge compliments on how shiny and lovely he looks now.  He never got those compliments before (though he’s very handsome) and is now just as shiny as Titan ever was.

All in all I love this product and will continue to purchase it over and over.

It is a little pricey, but it’s worth it.  The price for this product is $20 for 32 0z and $70 for 1 Gallon.  Not a huge savings in buying bulk, but still worth it if you have the storage space for bulk.  Local tack stores you’ll find the 32 oz a little closer to $23-25.