E3 Argan Oil Shampoo Review

Scent / Packaging

I picked up the E3 Argan Oil Shampoo on a whim at a local tack store when I was traveling a few months ago and have quickly gone through half the bottle.  Champ has really dry and itchy skin and I am always looking for new products to help him out.  I figure if argan oil is all the rage for human hair and skincare products, using it on a horse doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

This product says it is gentle and high lathering and contains argan oil.  It is supposed to restore smoothness and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.  It also claims to moisturize and make a coat shiny.  It’s fortified with nano vitamins A, C, E and F. Nano vitamins allow for better absorption and diffusion of vitamins which aids in the healing process.  It is dog safe too.  Sounded worth a try to me.

The first impression is all positive.  It’s a rich amber color in a sturdy bottle.  It was love at first whiff.  This shampoo smells like heaven.  I have been asked what gloriously yummy smelling product I was using at least once every time I’ve bathed with it.  Seriously, it is the best smelling shampoo I’ve ever smelled…human or horse.  I wonder if it would be nice on my hair?

And it’s a good shampoo.  It lathers nicely, but of course you still need to work it in and scrub to get all of the dirt out of the coat.  It leaves a lovely shine to the hair and has helped balance out and moisturize Champ’s skin.  I am impressed.  I wish the scent lasted longer on the coat, but it is for horses after all and how long can a horse smell clean?  He does smell yummy and the kids line up to give him a cuddle and smell him for a while after the bath until he’s turned loose to lay in his own poop for a while.

I was super happy with this purchase and only wish a local supply shop carried it.  Thankfully, I can order it online when I need more.  I was excited to find this also comes in a waterless spray on shampoo (which of course is to me…basically a horsey perfume for spot cleaning between baths).  I’ll will be purchasing this next.

The nicest part about this product is that the price is right.  It’s a high quality product for just a few more dollars than the low budget Mane and Tail.  I may not buy another shampoo again…except for Showsheen for shows…and whitening shampoo…and baby shampoo…and…oh who am I kidding?!  I’ll buy lots of other products, I just REALLY like this one.  It’s the new barn favorite.

Update 2022:  I still use this regularly!  And the conditioner.  Still love it!