A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box – 3 Month Review


I decided to order A Horse Box after lusting after it for over a year and being curious about it.  I subscribed to a 3 month subscription to see if I liked it enough to keep it.  A 3 month subscription costs $20 a month.  I’d seen lots of good reviews a while ago, but those boxes all seemed too good to be true and especially tailored to reviewers. They’ve also changed their subscription cost since then and the amount of goods per box has decreased, so it’s hard to judge if those initial reviews were review tailored boxes, or if they just used to have more stuff because the fee was higher.

A Horse Box August 2014 review with Cavalor feed, Aspire Hoof Spray, Absorbine Botanicals, Delytes, and Sportique Brands.

A Horse Box August ($28 of product)

Delytes (3 treats) $3.50
Aspire Hoof Spray 16 fl oz $18
Sportique Century Riding Cream (tiny sample) $1
Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse (10ml) $4
Cavalor Mash and Mix (small sample) $1.50
Draper Therapy Coupon
Sportique Coupon

I was happy with the variety of products in this box and it may be my favorite of the three, however the sample size of the Sportique was VERY small.  The sample of the Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse was small as well, but enough to test.   The Aspire Hoof Spray is a full size (awesome).

Individually I had different experiences with the products.  I think the Cavalor feed is a good treat for our horse, but it’s really hard to see any reason for a sample other than to see if your horse will eat it.  At one dose, you can’t see it make any real difference for them.  I think getting feed samples is a little odd.  I have the same comment for all three boxes, because I have gotten a Cavalor feed in each box.

The Delytes were well enjoyed by Champ on a hot day after a hard ride. Very cool product.

I had a skin issue with the Sportique that was handled by Sportique Brands separately from A Horse Box and I am sold on them as a company and love their other products (just not this one since I am allergic evidently!).

Love the Botanicals (however I already had full sized versions and had tried this product previously).  I am happy to see a new product being promoted with this sample.

The Aspire Hoof Spray I am pretty excited about, but haven’t used.  I are in the middle of a horribly dry year and Champ’s hooves are as hard as rocks right now.  He doesn’t need any product on them, so I haven’t really tried this.  Not a very timely trial for me, but I am excited to use it this winter

I jumped on the Draper Therapy coupon and ordered a few products.

All in all the August box was good.  It wasn’t as awesome as I had expected, but I always expect a lot.   At over $25 of product, this was the best box I recieved in terms of value.

A Horse Box September 2014 Cavalor review with Endurix, AniMed Buglyte, Cavalor Leather Shine, Showsheen Shampoo, Source Nuggest

A Horse Box September (~$23 of product)

Cavalor Endurix (3.5lbs) $2.00
Source Nuggets (1.5 oz) $2.00
Showsheen Shampoo/Conditioner (4 fl oz) $4.00
AniMed 3 in 1 Buglyte (1 ½ lbs) $12.15
Cavalor Leather Shine (50 ml) $2.65
Coupon for Bridle Bling

This box had less variety.  It had the same issue as the other with the horse feed sample.  This feed sample was at least a little bit more than the other two, so I was able to spread it out over a couple of hot days, but there’s no way to tell how it affected him.  This box had a second feeding sample (a small amount of supplement) that was equally as useless of a trial, as you see no results from it.  Champ also all but refused to eat the Source Nuggets and I had to hide them in treats and carrots and grain and some maple syrup to con him into eating it (he’s not picky either).

There was a third feeding item, a good sized tub of AniMed Buglyte.  This is a super nice sized amount of supplement and this is the only of the three that was usefully in seeing if the product was worth buying.  The only issue with this particular product in this particular box is that bug season was all but over by the time it arrived.  This would have been very good in a June or July or August box.  As it is, I have no need to try it until next summer (hopefully it doesn’t expire before then).

The box also included a sample bottle of Showsheen shampoo.  I’ve been using this for years, so nothing new here.  I just poured it into our partially used bottle and moved along.

I am excited to try Cavalor Leather Shine.

Uninteresting coupon this month and the coozy is cute.  This box was a disappointment and I was almost ready to cancel after this box…but I decided to wait it out.  There were only two products in the box of interest and one of them was not timely (the lack of timeliness of samples seems to be a theme here so far).  The value is still good.

A Horse Box October 2014 review with Banixx, Showsheen Spray, Respi-free, Cavalor Fifty-Fifty, and NickerBait Love Bites.

A Horse Box October ($22 of product)

Cavalor Fifty-Fifty (8oz sample) ($1.50)
Respi-Free 4 oz and syringe ($6.50)
NickerBait Love bites 4 treats ($2)
Showsheen Spray 4oz ($4.00)
Banixx Wound Care (Wounds and Infections and Bacterial and Fungal Infections Sprays) 2 oz each – 4 oz total ($8.00)
No Coupons

This box I were the most happy with when I opened it (yay treats!).  I was very excited about the Banixx and Nicker Bait and really happy to see them in the box.

I got another feed sample from Cavalor and have the same comments as before.  I’d be happy if I never got another feed sample (unless they’re going to send a bag of it that will last a couple of weeks).  I got another Showsheen product (the spray), which of course I love, but it’s nothing new (and I did order this box to try out new products).  I’ll happily use it, but it’s not very exciting.

The Respi-Free is an interesting product.  I’m intrigued, but I will have to dig around for a horse to try it on.  My barn is extremely well ventilated, so there’s not a lot of breathing issues.  It’s an interesting product and I am not disappointed to see it in the box at all, even if it’s not useful for most of the horses.

I love NickerBait (or the horses do) and I am excited to try out these tiny Love Bites.  I’d been considering purchasing some for trick training, but weren’t sure they would be big enough to do the job for our big horses.  They’re perfect and I love them!

I’ve never used Banixx before, but have seen it around.  I am very excited to try this product when the need arises (as I know it will).

There were no coupons in this box.


Thoughts on A Horse Box

Overall I enjoy being excited about getting this box from month to month to see what will come in it.  I have had 2 issues with product timeliness, 4 samples I consider useless (feed and supplement nuggets) and 2 products that are ubiquitous in barns already in three boxes.  I would like it better if there were not samples from super established lines like Showsheen in the box since my goal was to try new stuff, but these are perfectly fine products and I don’t mind using them.  The value of the products is varied but it appears to be a standard of 5 products per box.  I have decided to continue my subscription but jump up to the 6 month.  That drops the price down to $17 a box, which is actually a super great deal.  They have offered to remove feed samples from my box, so that is a big step towards making me super happy with A Horse Box.  So if you’re unhappy with something in your box, bring it to their attention and I know they will take care of you.

I recommend you try A Horse Box if you have a lot of horses with a variety of issues or you like to try new things… or if you just like to get a package in the mail every once in a while.  You might run into some timeliness issues with a few of the samples, as I have, but you’ll be able to use them eventually.  It’s a great idea and I am happy that it is out there as an option for horse people.