Leather CPR review

Leather CPR

Cleans, but is drying.

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My next round of leather cleaner reviews is on Leather CPR.

This product claims to be all-in-one,  to melt away dirt in seconds, and to prolong the life of leather.  It includes lanolin for conditioner.  It is supposed to be safe on soft and exotic leathers.  It also claims to be dermatologist tested and that it does not irritate your skin.  They do offer a money back guarantee.

The appeal of the product fails in several categories.  The texture is fairly gross – a slimy gel.   It really has no smell, except for a slight hint of chemicals.  The bottle is okay packaging and usable, but nothing special.

Ariat Volant Paddock Boots before cleaning Ariat Volant Half Chaps after cleaning with Leather CPR

As a cleaner it does do the job reasonably well.  It cleans, but it does not look like happy leather afterwards.  It leaves a bit of a residue, but it does clean off dirt extremely well.  In over time testing it doesn’t appear to damage leather (though I almost always condition afterwards).

As a “conditioner” it fails utterly.  It strips oils out of skin and leather and actually burned my hands it was so drying (so much for dermatologist tested to not irritate your skin).  This product requires a coat of conditioning on the leather afterwards and some thick lotion for your hands.

So to sum up, this is not an all in one as advertised.  It’s harsh on skin and leather, but does get leather squeaky clean!