DIY Shadowbox - Step 5 - Finished Shadowbox. Kentucky Derby winner Orb.

DE DIY: Memorabilia Shadowbox

Making a DIY equestrian themed shadowbox is an easy way to show off your keepsakes and make sure they’re safe and protected.  A few easy steps, and you can make one (or more) of your own.

Step 1. Collect Memorabilia.

DIY Shadowbox - Step 1 - Gather Supplies. Gather your horse racing, horse show or horse memorabilia.DIY Shadowbox - Step 1. Gather your supplies and memorabilia from horse shows, horse races, and other horse items.









Below are two theme ideas for your shadowbox.

Your horse:
Bridle Tag
Hair Clipping
Show Programs
Horse Shoe

Events (like large horse shows or horse races):
Tickets/Admission Badges
Betting Tickets

DIY Shadowbox - Step two supplies

Step 2.  Purchase appropriately sized Shadowbox(s) and attachment materials.

These are available online, at frame shops and at many hobby stores (like Micheals).  I usually purchase these at Micheals since there’s almost always a 40% off one item coupon available and they have a good selection of sizes and colors.  You can also buy double sided tape, pins and adhesive dots that are acid free.  I like the Zots brand.

Step 3.  Plan and arrange your design.

Make sure you do this before you attach anything and give yourself plenty of time to move things around and make them look just right.

Step 4.  Attach each item into shadowbox securely.

This may take some testing.  Heavier items might need more securing or cleverly placed pins or tape.  Programs need to be kept from flopping open.  Take your time to ensure that everything is secure.  You don’t want anything falling off or moving when you hang the shadowbox.

DIY Shadowbox - Step 3 and 4 - Design and secure your memorabilia DIY Shadowbox - Step 5 - Finished Shadowbox. Kentucky Derby winner Orb.

Step 5.  Hang your finished shadowbox.

Pick the perfect location in your home or barn to display your new creation.  Hang securely using nails.  If you’re area is earthquake prone, use a three point security mount if the box is large and heavy.  If it’s not too large or heavy, you can secure the bottom corners using Museum Wax.

Step 6.  Enjoy!