The Simple Equine Pucker Up Pony Review
9.6Overall Score
Quality Ingredients10
Lasting Moisture9.5
Shine and Feel10

I am doing a series of reviews on the natural (and awesome) products from The Simple Equine.  The forth product to be reviewed is the Pucker Up Pony lip balm.  I purchased this product on a whim with an order of Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray because I honestly cannot have enough lip balm.  I’m not a huge make-up person…but having sunscreen and lip balm is an every day staple.  I’m always on the look for the perfect product, and this one is pretty darn close to perfect.

It has a wonderful shine and feel on the lips.  It’s not sticky or thick feeling at all and it moisturizes for several hours without need to reapply. I’m super thankful that it doesn’t have a few of the trigger items that usually occur in natural skin care that I cannot have on my lips due to allergies (sunflower oil, shea butter, and almond oil).  It’s made of coconut oil, beeswax (so not vegan…sorry vegans), cocoa butter, jojoba oil and peppermint essential oil.

It’s a bargain at $6 a tube and lasts for a while (I’ve been working on the same tube for over a month now using it every day). It has a very minty scent due to the peppermint oil which some people may or may not like (I do!). I’d love to have other scent options!

I love this lip balm and it’s become a new favorite!

The Simple Equine Pucker Up Pony Review