The Simple Equine's Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray Review

The Simple Equine’s Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray Review


I am doing a series of reviews on the natural (and awesome) products from The Simple Equine.  The first product to be reviewed is the Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray.  This product is basically a fly repellent, but it has some major shine boosting power as well.

I’ve been super impressed with the Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray.  This product uses various essential oils to help horses stay comfortable during the warm months when bugs are about.  I was initially thinking maybe there just weren’t many flies this year because Spice hasn’t been bothered at all…and then last week happened. Spicey became quite irritable because there were dozens of those nasty little biting flies on him (stomping, swishing, fidgeting, head tossing, etc).  I applied the Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray and those little buggers disappeared.  It lasted through the ride.  Like most spray on products, it’s effects are not long lasting, but it lasted long enough to make it through a ride without a meltdown.   Call me impressed.  Note:  We don’t have those really horrible monster biting flies that live back East called Horse Flys so I cannot vouch for protection against those, but it seems to repel barn flies and those biting gnats really well and I haven’t found a tick on him since I started using this.

As you can see in this photo, Spice looks pretty shiny and this is him dirty and with no product but the Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray on him.  It does a really nice job of adding shine which doubles its value in my estimation.  It has a wonderful warm, spicy scent that I don’t find even a bit offensive (which is great for a bug repellent).

The bottle is fantastic.  It is small which is handy because it doesn’t take up too much room in your tack box, it has a great locking mechanism (see the video) and produces a really fine mist that doesn’t waste product like so many other bottles I’ve used.  I was initially concerned with the amount of product for the price since normal fly sprays and repellents are in bottles twice the size, however it quickly became clear that this bottle was going to last as long or longer than those 32oz sprayers due to the clever bottle/sprayer design and coverage the mist provided.  Because of that, it’s value ended up being much higher than initially expected.  I used half a bottle in one month (3-5 uses a week).

Looking for something more natural to use on your horse?  Try out this product from The Simple Equine and check out their other horse and human products while you’re at it!  I loved using the Solacing Warm Weather Comfort Spray and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it in the future.