Horse Amour Bit Wipes Review
8.8Overall Score

Have you ever heard of Horse Amour Bit Wipes?  No?  Well read on and pay attention.  They’re mighty nice to have around.  Here’s my review!

I bought these on a whim a few years ago, thinking that they might make Titan happy.  Several years later I’m still using them on Champ and other horses at our barn regularly.  They clean the bit without harsh, toxic chemicals and leave a yummy flavor on the metal (peppermint or apple).  I’ve always used the peppermint as Titan liked it better.  These are great to use daily…before or after your ride (or both).  It helps keep gunk from building up on the bit, leaves the metal shiny, and leaves a happy surprise for the horse when you place it in their mouth after cleaning.  I find it helps to increase acceptance of the bit and lets the horse mouth it happily.  The formula doesn’t damage leather, which is great.

Each package comes with 40 disposable wipes in a convenient flip top container.  I have not had an issue with these drying out after being open for a while (the flip top is very secure and doesn’t allow air in or moisture out).  The container is recyclable and all ingredients and parts are made in the USA.

You can find Horse Amour Bit Wipes at local tack shops and online.