Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad Review

ECP Cotton Correction Half Pad Review


I don’t do a lot of reviews of tack (though perhaps I should), however after a recent purchase of the Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad, I felt we needed to share this great product with you.

I had to start thinking about a mild correction pad recently after throwing Champ into regular dressage training (instead of just futzing around a little bit).  The saddle that once fit well, no longer does.  As his muscles changed, the saddle seemed to lose it’s ability to sit just right…some days one direction, some days other.  His back is rapidly changing…so much so that it would be too expensive to get the saddle re-flocked…only to need it again in another few weeks.  I was looking for a pad that had changeable inserts to fix the problem areas every day…which might be different than a few days before.  I also didn’t want a lot of material between my seat and the horses’ back, so I chose not to go with fleece (though it is much prettier).Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad Review

This pad has worked out so well, I can’t imagine it could be better.  It has three shims for each of the 4 pockets (each memory foam shim is cut to fit specifically in it’s corresponding pocket).  The shims are of various thickness to remove and add to tailor the fit of the saddle to relieve pressure points or raise the pommel or cantle.  This pad really helps to build a custom support pad to support a saddle that’s not quite fitting perfectly as your horse’s back changes from muscle development or wastage.  The pad is a sturdy quilted cotton with a soft brushed cotton underside.  I use this with a square pad for showing and schooling, so the moisture wicking properties aren’t being taken advantage of.Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad Review

The pad is also attractive and fits well under my 17.5″ saddle with room to spare.  It says it fits up to an 18″…but I think it might work up to 18.5″ on certain styles of saddles.  It has held up well to daily use and does not stain easily.  I have been able to get out all visible stains/dirt to use this for shows as well with no problems.Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad Review

I recommend this pad for anyone that has a horse with ongoing back changes.  Nothing replaces re-flocking…but for temporary and immediate adjustments, this pad works quite well.