Benefab Therapeutic Body Wrap Review
10Overall Score

Most of us in the equestrian world know that between feeding, cleaning, riding and doing the necessary “farm” chores that our equine companions require, we are bound to have some pesky kind of aches, pains, and the occasional discomfort in our lives.

I have always seen the assorted therapeutic products on the market and been slightly skeptical. Does it REALLY promote healing, blood circulation and reduce pain and stiffness? I have never owned any kind of PERSONAL human therapy wrap. I have purchased them for my horses and dogs. (They always come first, as usual.) And just HOPED they made some sort of difference for them. I can absolutely say after using the Therapeutic Body Wrap from Benefab that the therapeutic products from Benefab make a HUGE difference.
The Body Wrap is infused with far infrared emitting minerals. When wearing it across my shoulders and back or over my lap in the office, I can FEEL the heat from the wrap. This in turn relaxes the muscles, soothes aches, and I feel it decreased my pain and discomfort significantly. I was worried that the fit and wear of this wrap would be awkward for me personally to wear as an overcoat or shawl.. I am a petite and short build at only 4″ 11″. This wrap is one size fits all and features a fleece weight fabric (which is VERY soft and comfortable). It is a little long on me, but it is still comfortable and looks stylish with any outfit! These come in a tan, black and navy option, so they EASILY match any outfit! I wore this wrap to football games, out to dinner, around the house and now in the office at work I use it on a daily basis.

I did have to wash this wrap once, after one of my cats decided he also would like to enjoy the benefits of the Benefab Therapeutic Body Wrap. I followed the instructions and washed it alone, in cold water, and then it was line dried outside. The cat hair washed off easily and it did not affect the quality of the wrap.

I did NOT attempt to use this Therapeutic Body Wrap on our equine companions, (I love it so much I honestly wanted to keep it for myself) but this can also double as an Equine Therapeutic Quarter sheet as well so you get TWICE the product for one price.