Road I.D. PET I.D.
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Pet Identification is a VERY important aspect of canine (and feline) ownership. Unlike our equine counterparts, they can easily get separated, lost, or in a medical emergency taken from their handlers. Identification is important, but if you are like me I cannot deal with the constant jingle of traditional dog tags. For safety reasons, our dogs typically do not wear tags due to the “snag” risk. I have had several of our working dogs get caught on fencing, fabric, and wire when it slips into the “S” clip holding the tag to their collar. Holley, our youngest review team member, also wears a tracking collar when with us on trail rides or on the farm for her safety. There is NO attachment for a traditional tag, and I always worried about her having ID in case of emergency.

Road I.D. PET I.D.

The Pet I.D. from Road I.D. comes in two sizes, 19mm (recommended for
1/2 to 1 inch collars) and the 13mm (recommended for 1/2 inch or less collars) And it also comes in three different “plate” colors to match you (or your canine’s specific style!)

The engraving on the plate is VERY durable, and it has not worn or faded like traditional tags I have had in the past. There are ample lines for information, and I was able to get ALL of the important information on the faceplate. The two elastic loops are attached to a nylon “plate holder/pet ID strap) that the faceplate slides onto, which means if an elastic strap breaks, you can order a new “strap” (for $2) without the need to replace the whole thing!

Road I.D. PET I.D.

It has been a durable, well worn accessory for Holley and we have been VERY impressed at the durability and versatility of this product! We have enjoyed the sound of silence, jingle free solution to traditional identification!