Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Review
9Overall Score
Convenience/Ease of Use10
This is our very first review from Ellie (Kristin’s daughter)!  Welcome Ellie to Decidedly Equestrian!
Every equestrian and canine enthusiast alike knows the amount of panic the word “bath” can give a person. Some hate it, some love it, and some just HAVE to do it. The shampoo and conditioner line from Full Blown Pony make the tub or the wash stall a little more tolerable.
They offer a generous selection of scent, including:
We reviewed the Cotton Candy, Root Beer and Cinnamon Roll options! Our little equestrian LOVED the cotton candy, and her pony smelled sweet, light, and in her words “like the circus” for at least two days after bathing. We used the Cinnamon Roll on Axel in our Canine Review Team, and the scent lasted almost 4 days before starting to fade! Even the horses tried to eat the bottles more than once. The quality and strength of the scent packed in these bottles is AMAZING.
Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Review
We had an incident with our oldest gelding and a mud pit, which involved CLUMPS of mud in his mane and tail. I soaked them with water, then applied the conditioner. We waited 10 minutes and I was able to work the clumps out with my fingers with minimal effort! I was honestly impressed with the conditioner’s ability to soften the mane so quickly.
Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Review
The quality of the shampoo and conditioner was impressive, it was a milky/clear color so I didn’t have to worry about the little ones staining clothes or tack, or each other when it was in use. It was thick and concentrated, so it didn’t slip through little fingers and it lathered VERY well. It washed clean, and I was able to remove ALL of the suds and residue from the horses in 4 rinse “cycles” of water with the hose. This product is NOT labeled for whitening. It works VERY well for dirt, sand and grime removal but if you are seeking a whitening option it does not remove staining from dog or horse completely. It did remove some of the dirt shadow from legs/pasterns and paws, but not all.
Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Review
The bottles are “standard” in size (16 oz) and we bathed 6 dogs, 4 horses, and a few kids in the process and I still have almost half of the bottle left! I highly recommend this shampoo as an addition to any barn, tack box, or wash stall!
Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Review