Roeckl Mendon Gloves Review
9.2Overall Score

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I have been wearing crappy gloves when riding for a long time.  What do I mean?  Well bargain bin colors, cheap materials, anything that was less than $15 a pair.   Every single one got holes within a month or two of heavy wear.  That or they made my hands sweat like a sauna, or the reins slipped when it was damp outside, or they were uncomfortable for another reason…gloves.  Like a reverse Cinderella, it seemed like impossible to find just the right one for my hand.

I asked for and was given the Roeckle Mendon Gloves as a present by a family member after seeing them and being in love with the purple and navy style.  They were WAY more expensive than I would have normally spent on a glove and I probably never would have tried them without them being given.  Well…a year and a half later they’re still my favorite pair of gloves (and I’m thinking about investing in another pair soon).

Roeckl Mendon Gloves Review

The style is cute, but they’re not the most classic gloves out there.  They only go with so many outfits.  I really wish they’d come out with some more classic colors (notably an all black, or all brown or even a gray pair).

They are incredibly comfortable through four seasons (spring, summer, fall and pregnant).  They have incredible grip, even in wet conditions and I have no trouble keeping the reins from slipping through my hands.  There’s no sweaty hands issue since they’re so breathable and light weight either, but if there’s a little chill, I’m not too cold either.  Now wearing them in temps below 50 degrees might be a bit much if you’re not pregnant.

Roeckl Mendon Gloves Review

They are truly touch screen compatible and I never have to fight with my gloves to check a quick phone call or message. They have held up to heavy wear (a year and a half with wearing them 4-5 days a week most months).  Mine still have intact Velcro and seams.  The palm is still in good shape and the fingers are just now showing some wear.  There are NO holes…which is amazing.  I always put holes in gloves…

As for value, they’re quite expensive sure…but seeing as in a normal year and a half before I would have bought at least a half a dozen other pairs of gloves, I’d say the value is there.

I would absolutely buy another of Roeckle Mendon Gloves again and I’m looking into some of their other models as well.