Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa The Balm

Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa The Balm

Ease of Use
This month I’ll be featuring some of Equi-Spa’s products in reviews because for the month of April 2019, Equi-Spa is holding a 20% off sale to celebrate their new addition at home:  Ms. Oympio!  Missy was recently adopted by Equi-Spa owner Sherie Vermeer in partnership with Neigh Savers Foundation (an organization I work with regularly to re-home OTTBs).  Sherie plans to provide this former race horse and broodmare a forever home where she can live comfortably and with dignity for the rest of her life.  In addition to the 20% off for you, 10% of profits will be donated to Neigh Savers!  So get to shopping and do a little good at the same time!

The products from Equi-Spa are spa quality, premium horse-care products formulated from all-natural ingredients and aromatic plant essences.  Because of this they are safe for your horse, your dog and for you.

Equi-Spa The Balm is a balm that’s great for moisturizing dry patches, softening and soothing irritated skin and it helps promote natural healing.  It’s also a great barrier to keep away insects off scratches and wounds.  As with the other Equi-Spa products, it’s natural!  So no petrochemicals here.  It’s soy wax and beeswax based instead.

It just so happens Spice doesn’t have a lot going on with his skin right now due to diligent grooming this winter and no bugs out yet, but he does have this stubborn bed sore spot on his right front fetlock that I have just had the darnedest time getting to go away.  It never gets raw or bloody, it’s just always super dry, scaly and hairless.

Shop for A Cause: Equi-Spa The Balm

I’ve been using the Equi-Spa The Balm on it for a month now, and while the hair is not noticeably growing back (probably due to the fact that he really likes to nap and lay directly on this spot every day), the skin is much healthier, softer and not scaly at all.  It may even be healing up a bit.  It’s hard to say from just one month, but I’ll update this review as I notice any healing.

This balm is super easy to apply.  It’s hard in the container, but quickly melts in and isn’t sticky or messy to apply.  It does have a very strong medicinal scent that isn’t my favorite, but I’m sure that that smell is from essential oils that are specifically made to help treat skin issues.  So that’s a trade off.  Not everything can smell good, but for me smell is one of those things that’s important.  So take that as you will!

It does seem to attract some dirt and leave a bit of residue for many days afterward, which is a bit of a negative, but not enough for me to stop using it.  The dirt and residue is easily groomed off.  It is an excellent value (especially when considering the other products in this line) and a little goes a long way.  This tub is going to last a LONG time.  Remember there’s a 20% off sale going on now (for the month of April 2019) at Equi-Spa and 10% proceeds going to Neigh Savers Foundation.  Now’s the time to shop!