Bullymake Box Review
9.3Overall Score

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– Kristin Phillips for Decidedly Equestrian

Do you have a “shredder” for a canine companion?! Or a working dog that takes their energy out on every expensive pet store toy you have so graciously purchased? Or a farm dog that carries around rocks and fenceposts like ours?! Then you (and them) need the Bullymake Box in your life!

Bullymake is a monthly subscription box that ships indestructible toys and yummy treats right to your door! We reviewed the February box here at the ranch and our review team was quite impressed!

Bullymake Box Review

XOXO is a SOLID dense plastic toy (think Nylabone material) meant for those alligator dogs known for powerful jaws and hard chewing. It is heart shaped and textured to encourage chewing. I was VERY impressed with the durability, there were chew marks left after 3 months of play, but NONE of the edges were torn up enough to cause any harm. Out of our five canine team members, we have two that are “shredders” and neither one was able to defeat this one.

The Heartthrob is made from industrial strength rubber, with ribbed sides and a “core” center. Our teething Holley got great joy from the texture and feel! The core was nice for entertainment purposes, we often put peanut butter or wedged some hard treats in the center to add to the fun!

Bullymake Box Review

I was skeptical about these so called “indestructible toys” but they are true to their word. With a 14 day guarantee on durability, and a satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk for those picky pups in your life!