Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash Review

Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash Review

Ease of Use

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I was sent a case of Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash last year and have given away a few bottles to friends and in a giveaway…but had yet to use the product myself until recently.  Because of that, it has taken quite some time to get a review done on this product.  I had good intentions to use it.  I planned on taking it with me to overnight shows last year and spraying down the stall before putting Spicy in.  For various reasons…an overnight show never happened…so I never used it.

Very recently however there was a large number of horses at my other barn that had been falling ill one after another.  None of them had the same thing, but it got me thinking that I should whip this product out and use it in the stall of one dear pony that was sent to the hospital and almost died from a Salmonella infection in his intestine.  As all horses can carry this nasty…and he was now confirmed for it…we whipped out a couple of the 3 oz bottles of the Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash.

The product is super easy to use.  You simply mix the entire 3oz bottle into a gallon of water (or 2.5-3oz of the larger bottle of concentrate).  Put in a pump sprayer…and spray!  It is safe and non-toxic (and they say you can drink it…but I didn’t try it), so there’s no reason to rinse and scrub and strip.  It can go in feed buckets, water troughs and anywhere else.  Clever!

His stall was stripped of course, but the product was sprayed on all the surfaces of his stall and paddock and in areas his neighbors could access as well for extra safety.  There has been no re-occurrence of the issue with Romeo and none of his neighbors have gotten ill.  Success!

This stuff smashes out E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Listeria, EHV-1, Canine Parvovirus and others!  It’s great for stalls, trailers, dog kennels and any other animal cage where you might run into some of these nasties.

Noble Outfitters Biosecurity Wash comes in these handy 3 oz travel sized bottles, a large 32 oz bottle and in a 32 oz ready to use spray.  The best value of course is in the 32 oz concentrate bottle, but the small bottle is handy to have on hand in your trailer or grooming box.

I think this product is a no brainer, a bargain for what it does and a must have to keep around the barn.  You can buy this product online here.