Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review
8.5Overall Score
Ease of Use8
Taste/Dogs Love10


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Darling Dorri, our newest Dog Team review member, has many favorite treats…but one of her favorites are the Yaky Charms from Himalayan Dog Chew.  Why?  I can only guess because it’s like human food (which of course she’s obsessed with like any spoiled house pet).  Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review

What is this Yaky Charms business?  Well it’s a “doggie popcorn” made using a traditional Himalayan hard cheese recipe.  This stuff isn’t coming from Asia however, it’s made right here in the USA with mild sourced from cows in Washington State.  They are pretty much just cheese.  The ingredients listed are cheese, salt, and lime juice.  Pretty simple!

Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review

It comes in a little bag that looks like human microwave popcorn.  Toss it in the microwave for about a minute on high power and watch the bag puff up a bit.  This is NOT like popcorn.  The bag won’t get huge.  The “popcorn” will not pop.  If your bag isn’t puffed up a bit (see the photo above), then microwave for another 10 seconds.  Don’t overheat it, it will burn.  Allow them to cool for two minutes before feeding.  Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review

As you can see from this photo, these are petite little treats that are appropriate for dogs of all sizes.   And man do they seem to like these things.  Dorrie waited intent watching the microwave until cooked and then did her best to be a lady while eating them…but eventually just shoved her head into the bag when the big pieces were done to look for crumbs.  How tasty are they?  Well I tried one…and it tasted like really bland cheese…so probably not going to work to serve to your friends at a party…but your dog’s friends are sure to love them.Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review

The price point is quite high for the handful of little goodies in the bag, but if the dog loves them…why not add in this special treat every now and then!

Yaky Charms Doggie Popcorn Review