Gallop Magazine Review
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Gallop Magazine ReviewOut of the dozens of equestrian training and lifestyle magazines out there, some just stand out above the rest.  Gallop Magazine (originated in Sweden in 2007) has been available in the US for several years and as of last year, the price came down enough for most people to happily subscribe ($30 a year).  This horse-racing-centric magazine is unlike any other.  You will not find any talk of stallion rankings, owner/trainer earnings, handicapping or dull daily  racing news in this magazine.  You also won’t find a lot of opinions…just meticulously researched articles.  It’s a totally new breed.

Gallop Magazine Review


Lifestyle magazines have become more and more popular each year and not just in equestrian circles (in fact I’d say we’re behind).  Gallop Magazine is an exquisite example of a Lifestyle magazine.  It is a magazine for fans…not for breeders, owners, trainers, or handicappers.  It is a magazine that can be appreciated by anyone involved in the equestrian world, no matter how far away from racing.Gallop Magazine Review

Gallop Magazine features spectacular photography perfectly printed on extremely high quality paper.  Each issue includes in-depth articles on racing destinations featuring not only the racing and history of the place, but other local flavor you want to experience when visiting.  There are articles on incredible international equine artists, articles on specific horses, people or farms, and news bits on notable moments in both Thoroughbred and Arabian racing around the world.  They also have a section showing some of the most lovely equine themed clothing, accessories and household wares I’ve ever seen in a magazine.Gallop Magazine Review

This is a fantastically curated and edited magazine and I’m a happy subscriber.  If you are looking for a feel good magazine, beautiful images of superstar horses, or just a peek at a different equestrian lifestyle I recommend you check out an issue.

You can subscribe to Gallop Magazine here or purchase back issues here.