E3 Argan Waterless Shampoo Review

E3 Waterless Shampoo Review


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Winter!  The time of year that no one wants to give baths!  Oh what to do…

I thought this was the perfect time to share my review of E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo.

To start, this product smells exactly like the E3 Argan Oil Shampoo (which means yummy).  I like to think of this as a bit of horsey cologne for Champ when he’s at his smelliest.  It sure does do a good job of making him shiny and smell like he just hopped out of a hair salon.

But does it clean?

E3 Argan Waterless Shampoo Review      E3 Argan Waterless Shampoo Review

Have a look at the photos above and see!  We borrowed the big PMU Paint/Dressage superstar wannabe JJ to try out this product on his lovely stained body.

Step 1:  Find nasty poo stain on his beautiful white coat.
Step 2:  Spray a few sprays on said poo stain.
Step 3:  Rub lightly with a towel.
Step 4:  Let dry and then brush him out!

E3 Argan Waterless Shampoo Review   E3 Argan Waterless Shampoo Review

This product cut through several stains on him with ease, though nothing but a full bath will get him sparkling white.  It’s a great product to use in the winter to extend your bath between washes, help rub out stains on light coats, and eliminate nasty horsey BO (Champ smells worse than other horses…even though he’s very tidy…anyone have any explanation for that?).  I love this product!

The only warning I have is…don’t use too much!  It can easily become a bit greasy on the coat and that will defeat the whole purpose.

Keep your horse warm and dry this winter and opt for a bottle of E3 Waterless Shampoo!  Do you have any that are your favorites?