A Horse Box Review

A Horse Box Review Aug. – Oct. 2015


Here is my final review installment (for now) on A Horse Box.  One of my favorites (this is our 5th review of A Horse Box), my subscription needs to take a little break.  This break in no way has anything to do with the quality of this product (I love it so much not getting it next month will be hard…and I’ll see how long i can hold out).  I am stopping my box because I cannot use all of the products fast enough!!  The last three boxes really did me in with all the supplements (though I am excited to try ALL of them).

i want to start off with an overview of my subscription to A Horse Box.  I received a total of 15 boxes that cost $244 (I have never been given a box from A Horse Box to try, but have paid the subscription fees since my first box).  The total approximate value of the products in these boxes is a stunning $729 (divide that by 15 and you see that the approximate value each month is just short of $49…though the box values individually varied significantly…from $20 to over $100).  This truly is the best way to try out products without having to make such a big investment.  I don’t know how they do it!  The value of the boxes increased steadily from my first box (except for one very high value box right in the middle).  Their subscription price has gone up a bit to cover shipping costs, but lately the boxes are a much higher value as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the products found in my boxes.
Supplements -19 items
Grooming Products – 18 items
Treats/Feed Samples – 18 items
Medical/Wound Care Products – 12 items
Other (leather care, hoof picks, stuff for humans, etc). – 10 items
Coupons – 21

Now on to the most recent three boxes.

A Horse Box August 2015

A Horse Box – August 2015 (Total Value ~$79)

Farnam Immusyn Supplement 1 lb – $59.99
La Victoria Tryptocalm 1 tube – $15.00
Pyranha Shampoo 4 fl. oz. – $3.00
Cavalor Sweeties 15 cookies – $1.00

A Horse Box Sept 2015

A Horse Box – September 2015 (Total Value ~ $58)

Farnam Quietex II Pellets – 1.625 lbs – $34
Farnam Quietex II Paste – 1 Tube –  $15
Absorbine Botanicals Body Rinse Sample 10 ml – $4
Cowgirl’s Kitchen Ez-PZ Pockets Sample (2 cookies) – $1
Cavalor Star Shine 75ml – $4
HylEquine Coupon 10% off
Cowgirl’s Kitchen Coupon 5% off
Farnam Quietex II Coupons – Total $10 off

A Horse Box Oct 2015

A Horse Box – October 2015 (Total Value ~ $89)

Farnam Laser Sheen Skin and Coat Supplement (Refill) – $30
Equinety Horse XL 30 day Supply – $35
Mineral Max Iron Plus 16oz – $7
Kiss My Horse Flirt With Me Sampler (2 oz samples of Shampoo La La, Dream Rinse and XOXO Shine & Detangler) – $14
Enjoy Yums Carrot Treats (12 treats) – $3
Enjoy Yums Coupon $2 off
Farnam Laser Sheen Skin and Coat Supplement  Coupon $5 off

There was a Farnam supplement theme in these three boxes (great to try out the new release stuff!).  Because of this, the value of these boxes is particularly high.  As you can see, the October box had 3 different supplements!  Wowsa!

I did receive a few repeats from past boxes in this set, but that’s OK (the Cavalor Star Shine, Absorbine Botanicals, Enjoy Yums, and Cavalor Sweeties).   The treats are much welcomed by Champ and the other horses in the barn and I’m starting to think they know when the middle of the month comes…because they’re looking for their new special treats.

There are a few products from these boxes I am particularly excited to try: the Kiss My Horse products (from the same company that brought us Mrs. Conns) and the Equinety Horse XL supplement.  I’m also pumped about the Farnam Laser Sheen Skin and Coat Supplement to see if it can be a more economical option than the 3 separate skin and coat supplements Champ gets right now (ugh).

The calming products came at the end of my show/travel season, so I will not get a chance to try those for some time.

I still recommend A Horse Box to anyone that is interested in trying out new products, but I think that a regular monthly subscription may be a bit much for a person with just one or two horses (since some of the products won’t be viable for all horses).  The subscription is best used for a barn (or for a person with lots of friends so they can give away products they don’t need), and even then…there will be a build up of products sometimes.

I hope to come back to A Horse Box at a later date after I have some time to get through all of the extra products I have laying around!