Leather Keep Review

Leather Keep Review


I discovered Leather Keep at Western States Horse Expo this year.  There was a kind woman working at the booth that offered to polish up my boots, and I was happy to accept.  I ended up buying a jar and this is my review.

Leather Keep Review   Leather Keep Review

I have used it on several pair of boots and a couple bags.  This product has removed old scuffs and enriched dyed and scratched leather back to its normal coloring.  It’s left a nice shine and feel to the leather, however the affects only last about a week before needing a coat of Leather Keep again.  It does help leather stay very supple and soft.


Leather Keep Review


I was instantly impressed with the shine this product left, without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.  Once soaked in, I cannot feel any difference in the leather other than it is a little more supple.  It also has waterproofing abilities….a water pour test proved that very quickly!  The water balled and ran off and left the purse totally dry.

It was also able to restore some color stripped paddock boots that were damaged by using another leather cleaning product.  Thank goodness for Leather Keep!

It is easy to apply and does not stick to your hands.  It has a neutral smell.  I have not used this on my tack, but I do recommend this for boots and bags.

If you are interested in purchasing Leather Keep, you can find it here.