Horseshoer's Secret Thrush Treatment Review

Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Review

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My review of Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol comes after two years of use.  It is a hard to find product, but worth the search.  This is going to be short and sweet.  How much can you really say about a thrush treatment?

This thrush treatment promises to work just as well as other traditional treatments and do it while making application easier, being less messy, and wasting less product.   It comes in a 7 oz. spray bottle.

What is so great about this product is the continuous spray bottle.  It sprays upside down, sideways and right side up.  It works with no pumping required.  This is incredibly handy when you are holding a horse’s foot.  Especially a horse that likes to rest 10% or so of his body weight on you while you do this…or a horse that is fussy with his feet.  It makes application fast and easy.  It sprays consistently and continuously (until it runs out of course).  It goes only exactly where you spray it and it seems easier to use a lot less to get the job done.

This is a great preventative daily treatment in the winter time and will eliminate a minor occurrence of thrush (but it has a harder time with a more severe case).

The pump does get clogged from time to time and it’s easier to just wipe it off when you put the bottle away every time than to deal with a clog later.  The stuff still stains, just like any traditional thrush treatment.  My biggest complaint is that it’s really hard to find.  I stock up every time my local shop gets an order in.  I highly recommend Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol.

Note:  This product has been discontinued.