Troxel Legacy Helmet Review

Troxel Legacy Helmet Review


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The Troxel Legacy Helmet is a traditional looking helmet at a low price point.  For a rider on a budget and the right shaped head, this helmet is great.

It is fairly attractive, but not particularly trendy.  It does give the “dreaded mushroom head” shape that bothers some riders (I don’t particularly mind it).  It holds up well to daily wear over several years.  My Troxel helmet lasted for years until it hit the ground in a fall.  It protected my head, but it wasn’t exactly perfect.

It wasn’t until some helmet fittings after the fall that I realized how uncomfortable the Troxel actually was.  Troxel helmets seem to be built for a pretty round head.  Because of this (and the fact that I have a rather oval head) I found that it gave me headaches regularly and left dents in my forehead if I had it tight enough to keep on safely.  It was also very hot, all the time.

The strap is very cheap and uncomfortable and tends to twist.  The construction of the helmet appears cheap on inspection and the seam appears to be sealed with electrical tape (but did hold up until the fall).  This was an immediate turn off, but I was on a strict budget at the time and took what I could get.  The finish on the helmet holds up pretty well but does eventually lose its matte look after lots of tossing around and wear.  It doesn’t get shiny, it’s just no longer uniform and attractive.

There are many nice helmets at a similar price point.  Always try on helmets before you buy them and select for comfort.  There have been quite a few innovations in helmet design and construction since this helmet debuted and it’s easy to find a more comfortable helmet at a similar price (even some other Troxels).