Hurtta Active Harness Review
9.5Overall Score

Calling all canines from the city pup to the working farm hand! Hurtta has the harness for walking the park or off the beaten path!

The Hurtta Active Harness is an amazing “hybrid” between your everyday nylon harness and a heavy duty trail harness. The chest piece is thick and padded, so no chafing or rubbing. The handle on the top is a great addition that is perfect for lifting, assisting, and guiding your best friend wherever you go. We had to lift our girls out of the truck, and over a few fences, and it held strong! They were comfortable and we felt confident in the solid clips and hardware to hold. (They are both around 40 pounds).

Hurtta Active Harness Review

I was impressed with the adjustability as well. We have a puppy that was able to fit the harness at around 15 pounds and it has grown with her to her weight of now 35 pounds! The webbed straps are thick, and I never once worried about them wearing out or stretching.

Hurtta Active Harness Review

The harness slips easily over the head and buckles around the abdomen. It is SO easy, my 6 year old daughter was able to fit it to our girls in MINUTES.

The hardware to attach a leash is VERY heavy duty and ergonomically shaped. Which is important when working (or playing with your canine companion) I just wish there was another one of them on the side of the harness for a dog tag/identification for those of us that use the harness in place of a traditional collar when adventuring!

Hurtta Active Harness Review

Pair the active harness with one of the Hurtta North America leashes and you have the perfect combination of beauty, durability and function!