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The Simple Equine’s goal is to help horses and riders look good and feel great.  They offer an effective, natural and handmade grooming collection for equines, and a wonderful line of natural and handmade skincare products specifically formulated for riders.

They have also curated a wonderful collection of equestrian-themed precious metal jewelry.

“My hope is to be able to help riders of any level or ability improve their body awareness, balance and strength. I want to help them be the best team they possibly could be with their horse and to achieve their goals both on and off their beloved companions!”

I absolutely love Stephanie’s Pilate’s program!

Grand Meadows was founded in 1989 with one guiding principal – to give horse owners an affordable and extremely high-quality science-backed horse supplement product.  Every single Grand Meadows horse supplement is based on science, proven research, and ethical formulations that help horses grow, recover, thrive, develop, and feel their best.

I LOVE the NanoFlex product and really like the Grand Premium Plus for Jax as well!

This grassroots company is the result of a chance encounter with an engineer who was developing a thin, specially designed,  shock-absorbing material to protect athletes. Equestrian and entrepreneur Elaine Lockhead Castelao recognized the potential of this foam to enhance performance and reduce discomfort for horses and riders.

I have enjoyed all of the ThinLine Products I have and love this brand!

The Home Horse is a fitness tool that combines patterned co-contractions of core muscles, pelvic floor, abdominals and obliques, with balancing and stretching, especially the hip abductors that directly translate to enhanced balance and core strength as well as posture.

The Home Horse is a fun and challenging new way to effectively simulate some of the neuromuscular benefits of equine movement and achieve greater flexibility, core strength and balance.

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Happy to be a guest blogger for StreamHorseTV!