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Product Reviews

We do NOT accept monetary compensation for reviews, but we do accept products sent for review (we can return the item after the review if you want it back!).  Why do we not accept compensation? Because we feel it might lead our fans to believe our reviews are biased, and we want them to always feel confident that they can depend on our honesty when making purchases based on our reviews. If you’re interested in submitting a product for review contact us here.

Brand Services

Decidedly Equestrian provides content to a target audience that is actively seeking out products that will make their life easier and might be looking for a product just like yours!  Whatever your company needs, we have something that will work with your budget and promotional needs.

Become a Blog Sponsor for further brand exposure!

Blog Sponsors receive dedicated sponsored lifestyle articles, a place on our Featured Brands page, newsletter ads and website ad space.   Email us to learn more about pricing and packages available.

Is your brand a bit more traditional?

Traditional advertisers pay for ad space on the Decidedly Equestrian website, receive Social Media Promotions and may be included in our Newsletter per Advertisement Package specifications.  Email us to learn more about pricing and packages available.

Affiliate Advertising

Decidedly Equestrian is also happy to discuss affiliate advertising options for your brand.

Contact us to discuss what Decidedly Equestrian can do for your brand!

Let Us Create Content for You!

Decidedly Equestrian wants to create original content for your website.  We are happy to work with your business to create the content you need for your blogs or websites.  If you’re interested in chatting with us about writing content for your website please contact us here.  We look forward to talking to you!


Decidedly Equestrian offers photography services in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country.  We offer portraits, personal show photography, sales and breeding farm photography and event photography.  Contact us about rates for photography packages and travel surcharges outside the SF Bay Area.