Write for Decidedly Equestrian

Is writing for Decidedly Equestrian right for you?

If you have an interesting/funny/wild story to tell, Decidedly Equestrian would love to share your story to our audience!

If you would like to be featured in our Everyday Equestrian series, we’d love to feature you!  The best part of this one…is we just want normal people!  You don’t need to be a famous rider.  You don’t need to be a competitor.  Just have an interesting story to tell (and we all have very interesting lives…even if we don’t believe that ourselves).

If you’re an up and coming small business owner, blogger or influencer in the equestrian world looking to grow your reach and polish your talents, Decidedly Equestrian would love to help you grow your reach if you’re a good fit!

Note:   If you are reaching out on behalf of a brand, contact us for our Media Kit for what we offer for brands.  We do not accept guest posts from marketing companies (though we are happy to discuss other options for you), people with low quality content, or anything obviously created by AI (images and text content).  We only accept high quality, real content.   Inquiries of these types will be ignored.

Note on Content: We do not post content that isn’t relevant to our website subject matter and do not post any articles about sports betting (even horse racing).  We will not respond to inquiries about posting off topic articles or sports betting articles.


How to Write a Guest Post for Decidedly Equestrian:

1 – Email us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Your Website/blog
  • Let us know if you want to be featured on Everyday Equestrians or want to write a guest post.
  • Brief summary of your equestrian experience and expertise.
  • 1-3 Article ideas.

Types of articles to consider:

  1.  Specialist Articles – Horse Training, Equine Law, Equine Health, etc.
  2.  DIY Projects
  3.  Lifestyle Articles – horse vacations, horse shows, barn tips/hacks, etc.

2 – If you’re a good fit for DE, we’ll reach back out to you to brainstorm ideas and mutual goals.

3 – We will review any article after submission.  If it is not a good fit for DE, we will let you know and discuss rewrites.  Unless you’re one of the above categories discussed in my notes…and those inquiries will not be responded to.

4 – We edit and format your piece, and send you a link when it’s been published.  Links back to your blog or brand if you’re a small business can be discussed.

5 – Write a short blog teaser on your website that links to your full article on Decidedly Equestrian.  Link must be do-follow.

Please include images for your article (at least one). We require written permission to use them.

Note:  Guest Posts are unpaid.