Horse Girl Summer Shopping Picks

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This summer has been an absolute misery for so much of the country…and while the weather will start turning in some northern and eastern states…here in California we’re just hitting peak summer with a hot August, September and likely October ahead of us.  What better time to stay inside and do a little shopping?  Many of these items I’ve recently picked up (or asked for for my Birthday) and the rest are on my wish list! I hope you enjoy my summer shopping picks for you!

Seamless Workout Shirt – one of my favorite riding shirts…and a bargain.  I have this one in like 5 colors.  This green is my next to buy.


Leather and Onyx Bracelet – sure this supposed to be for men…but whatever…I love it!


Snaffle Bit Belt – choose your color and length


Dapplebay Toile Essential Riding Top (Use Code DE10 for 10% off)


Eggbutt Bracelet – pick your leather and metal color.


Italian Leather Purse  – I didn’t end up buying this one…but I might go back and buy it anyways.  It’s so beautiful and timeless.


Extended Trot Necklace – I bought one of these for my trainer a few years ago…might be time to buy one for myself!


Rose Gold Spur Straps


Custom Browband – I already have one browband from this brand and it is excellent quality and gorgeous.  I will be buying another.


Dapplebay Toile Dressage Pad (Use Code DE10 for 10% off) – waiting patiently for mine to ship!


Rebel Equestrian Pad – I just ordered a couple of these pads and…wow.  They’re incredible.  My new favorite.


Kavallerie Air Mesh Tendon Boots – I love my black ones…now I need a white set.


Rose Gold Halter – Jax’s halter is looking pretty shabby. It might be time for an upgrade…and this one is stunning.


Modern Horse Tea Mug – I’m non stop drinking tea…and I love this graphic black and white horse mug.


Interest Candles Soap in Halt – I LOVE this candle scent…so as a soap…yes please!


Jane Savoie’s Dressage 101 – the only one of her books I don’t have yet.


The Pocket Book of Dressage Exercises


Shires Dressage Test Board – I’ve always wanted one of these for learning tests!


Leather Mirror with Bit Detail – How elegant is this mirror?  It’s on my wishlist.


Horsehead Planter –  I always need more planters for my succulent collection, so picking up a couple of these is happening…


Leather Valet Tray –  I love these classic trays to add a bit of understated style.


Horse Wire Art – I’m eyeing one of these to put outside on my patio.