The Simple Equine Fizz Off The Barn Review
10Overall Score
Quality of Ingredients10
Performance / Relaxation10

I’m not sure there’s a product I haven’t reviewed yet from The Simple Equine minus this one!  Tara is the coolest girl in the world (and a good friend) so I’m always excited to try a new product I haven’t tried, though this one was low on my list as I don’t often have time for a relaxing bath.  Well it took many months of having it sitting on a shelf to actually try the The Simple Equine Fizz Off The Barn Bath Bombs, but I’m now glad I did!

These little guys bring a big punch of spa like relaxation.  They smell wonderful (the oils on the ingredients are blood orange, lavender and lemongrass).   The scent doesn’t disappear in the bath like so many bath products do and it lingers in the room after the water is gone.  So relaxing.  So delightful.  Quality of ingredients is always excellent with the brand and everything is hand made.  My 3 year old even loves them!  They even made my skin softer which is amazing after sitting in a bath!

For bath products, this is a bargain.  I mean…we’re talking about a little relaxation and luxury here.  You’re going to spend like $9 for one bath bomb at Lush…so $2 a bath is a great deal.  Not a price I mind paying and I’ll be including a pack or two of these in my future orders from The Simple Equine for sure!