SBS Equine Sav-A Hoof Spray Review
10Overall Score
Ease of Use10
Performance for Prevention10

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So winter is here! We had a LOT of rain in October (very early for us in our rainy season), but then it was bone dry in November.  I knew that the rains would come…so I prepared.  Jax is out in a paddock full time, so there’s no avoiding the mud.   I had not 1…not 2…but 4 new hoof products picked out to come from Corro to try this year as I still haven’t found the perfect foot product.  They’re always messy.  Some work okay.  Some don’t work at all.  The packaging on some is tricky…the packaging on others might be great, but it’s irrelevant if it doesn’t work.  I’m always on the look out for something better to treat foot issue.  The second item Corro sent is probably the one I was most excited about…the  SBS Equine Sav-A Hoof Spray.

Why was I excited about this?  Because I love sprays because they’re easy AND this one was clear…so no worry about turning blue…

SBS Equine Sav-A-Hoof Spray Review

Before Treatment – fairly freshly shod

And I have to say…I’m SUPER impressed with this product.  I started using this product right away as soon as received on a freshly shod foot, which makes it easier for judging what it does.  I’ve healed up heel crack thrush on Jax a while ago, but he tends to still get a little funky and soft in his grooves…and they always get quite deep by the next shoeing no matter what I use on them.  I got this looking for a preventative spray to use every time I ride (so 3x a week) because I’d tried a few others that ended up being…basically garbage.

I was first off impressed by the size and amount of product.  You get a lot of product for the price…and when something works…if it’s cheaper than some of the competition…even better!  The spray bottle was basic, but heavy duty and works well and is easy to hold.  I actually like this sprayer a lot more than expected.  Doesn’t take many sprays to hit the whole sole.  Even better…no staining of me or the horse!

SBS Equine Sav-A-Hoof Spray Review

Treated – freshly shod

So how did it work.  Well this is the foot after a few weeks of treatment 3x a week.  Very little difference…which is amazing.  Nothing was overly soft or overly hard.  The grooves hadn’t gotten sunk in from being in too much moisture.  No thrush.  No stink.  His sole is shedding a bit, but his does that.  For these few weeks, there were some wet days so he was in the mud.   He also had a couple days in there (probably 4 or 5 in the course of the few weeks his feet weren’t tended at all).  So looks pretty good!  This stuff has imo done it’s job.

SBS Equine Sav-A-Hoof Spray Review

~ 2.5 weeks and a bunch of mud later…looks great!

I was expecting a disaster when I arrived home from my 10 day trip over the holidays…especially when I heard how much it was going to rain.  We basically got half a year of rain in a week…so the mud was a thing.  And honestly…I don’t think Jax got out much…his owner ended up leaving town too.  And my trainer has been dealing with health issues.  I know he was ridden at least 2x in 10 days…but not too much more, so I know his feet were mostly ignored.  You want to know how good this stuff is?  After regular use before I left…I came back to 3 feet looking excellent and one with a very small amount of thrush.  Wow.  It does say this stuff has a long term affect…but that’s a lot of ignoring of feet!  I’m beyond impressed.

SBS Equine Sav-A-Hoof Spray Review

Different hoof (sorry about that), but this was the foot in the worst condition after 11 days in flooding rain and mud.

I’m going to try another product I received to heal up the bit of thrush to test out something else…but I’m going to add the SBS Equine Sav-A Hoof Spray to my tack trunk permanently.  I’ll 100% be repurchasing when I run out!

So far…this is my favorite hoof product yet for treating issues… it works as a preventative, is easy to use, not messy or staining, and is a great value!